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The annual Wisconsin Visual Art Lifetime Achievement Awards are usually presented during the Month of May, with the ceremony often taking place in the Museum of Wisconsin Art, West Bend. Besides the actual announcement and presentation of award recipients, a speaker is selected to discuss some aspect of our regional art culture, with a reception following for the awardees in the galleries of the museum. This is a happy event celebrating all facets of Wisconsin's visual art culture.

2013 Awards

SUNDAY, MAY 19, 2013

Tom Lidtke, Director Emeritus of the MOWA, will present a talk titled:

He will share his insights on this art dichotomy that occurs between generations and cultures and how these contradictory values get shaped. The lecture will discuss the changing way society values and understands art over time. Consequently, our understanding of what type of art is worthy of remembering remains fluid and what is considered worthy or unworthy by one generation is viewed differently by another.